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Brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal throughout the day is required but often not followed. When we don’t follow this strict dental care practice, cavities, which are caused when food particles are not properly cleaned from your teeth may develop. If the cavity is caught early enough your dentist from Beach Dentistry in Huntington Beach will remove it. Once the cavity is removed, the contaminated area will be cleaned and filled with a tooth colored filling.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Mercury-Free and tooth colored
Helps prevent root canals and tooth loss
Makes it easier to clean your teetht
Helps prevent damage to the nerve of the tooth

Before and After

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Dental fillings can help you improve your dental health. Find out if you have a cavity by giving us a call today at (714) 266-1616 or fill out the form to request your appointment.

Dr. Whelan and his dental team are exceptional and provide an outstanding level of dental care. I highly recommend. Thank you again for your excellent and gentle touch!


I was not looking forward to having to wear loose dentures like my mother did.Implants with snap on dentures have a wonderful secure fit that gives me the confidence to eat and smile again! Thank you so much, Dr. Whelan! 


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